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IP Network Security is a vital requirement in today's rapidly Internet-connected world. The increasing popularity of the World Wide Web information gathering and publishing plus the e-Commerce / e-Business application that comes with them, has made many companies whether willingly or unwillingly to remain connected to the Internet. This necessity brings serious new challenges to protect its mission-critical system from possible internal and external hackers, stealing, altering, and destroying valuable company information. Not to mention the attack from Computer Virus, Malicious-Trojan Code, and Denial of Services have caused the loss of valuable company files, e-mail, database records, and brought down the entire IT system. Therefore, when you need to protect and secure your IT system with any security measure, EMS can offer you the up-to-date IP Network Security Solutions from various world known security vendors

We will help to advise and conduct from physical security, security policy and procedures, security holes scanning and probing, down to security audits. These efforts will help to reduce and ultimately if possible, to eliminate vulnerabilities of your IT system from unwanted guest.

After all, it is EMS mission to provide the Best Value IT Solutions and Supports for our clients, to improve the efficiency and productivity by minimizing the downtime and service interruption with our IT Maintenance and IP Network Security Solutions.

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