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Business trends call for stable and productive organization to survive in the business. Information Technology (IT) investment is supposed to boost the performance of the organization. Today's investment by the organization is mostly limited to the necessities. Being the fact, IT investment has raised up to be the top five of the investment for business survival and continuity planning. The reasons behind are the effectiveness and the increase of productivity that IT investment has promised. As companies rely more and more on their computers and networks to streamline their business process, IT equipments that work continuously without interruption, become a main priority to the Management, IT Director or Manager and the Users as well. IT investment must have proper care and maintenance. In today's fast-paced environment, you need a service provider company that can maintain your IT equipment with minimal downtime and service interruption. EMS provides the Maintenance Contract services for such tasks, so our clients with limited IT staff or even without IT staff at all, will have a long, healthy system that produces accordingly.

With our IT maintenance solutions, we will do both, a preventive as well as a repair maintenance onsite for our clients. Our skilled, trained, and certified technicians will do a regular / pre-arranged schedule visitation to our clients' premises during the week or the month on normal hours, working days. We will also serve 'after office hours' or 'weekends emergency' call from our clients under special premium support package. Should the results of EMS Maintenance requires any part replacement, EMS will provide it with a very competitive price for our clients.

In summary, whether your company has grown fast or expanded its business operation over the years, consequently the number of IT equipment to support has added up as well. This additional IT equipment to support and maintain will increase the workload of limited IT personnel. Practically, it would be better off to outsource some of the tedious, yet time-consuming IT maintenance job to the professional, EMS. This way, the company can use its valuable IT personnel resources for a more productive job, focusing on any other areas where the company can benefit the most in supporting its quality products and services to its customers.

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